Ascent Virginia is a statewide volunteer network made up of people from all over Virginia who seek to create a prosperous commonwealth in every sense of the word.

As a nonprofit social impact venture, Ascent Virginia is focused on fostering a vibrant, world-class clean technology economy in Virginia. With the help of a broad array of stakeholders working together, we hope to transform Virginia into an economic and jobs powerhouse. In doing so, we will complement the commonwealth’s current economic development efforts by:

  1. Focusing primarily on the clean technology sector, but recognizing that jobs in the clean technology field will create jobs in other sectors as well.
  2. Building a collaborative effort composed of private and public leaders and experts in every county. 
  3. Emphasizing job creation in rural and inner city communities by creating opportunities across the commonwealth at various skill levels while providing training for those who want to advance.
  4. Maintaining the necessary organizational infrastructure to serve as a one-stop resource for clean technology businesses interested in locating in Virginia.
  5. Aggressively recruiting entrepreneurs and businesses from other states and countries to establish operations in Virginia.